First public project for NYC!

We are very pleased to have recently completed our first public project for New York City.

Under the Brooklyn embankment of the Williamsburg Bridge, the Department of Transportation’s [DoT] Bridge Painting Division has long kept its equipment and vehicles in a collection of modest structures. Consolidating its facilities is a new storage building.



Our work for DoT began in a consulting architect role, but it became clear that the Bridge Painting Division needed a new building. We worked with an array of City agencies to develop the program and obtain approvals for this unique site. Paramount to our work was our partnership with Goldman Copeland Associates, the Department of Design and Construction contract engineers; along with agencies including The Department of Environmental Protection, Con Edison, The Public Design Commission, and the Department of Transportation who all had input on this site.


The new building is modest, simple and straightforward, made primarily of custom ground-faced concrete block complementing the red granite bridge embankment.  Natural light floods the interior workspace through a channel glass clerestory and skylights.  Painted steel channel parapets and details echo the bridge structure above.

DOT Warehouse

First public project for NYC!