West Side Penthouse

sitting_area_01Building Studio Architects is very proud of its extensive experience in designing residential interiors in New York City.  This project, completed in 2012, is a fine example of this kind of intensive, detail-oriented design.

Atop an Art Deco apartment building, three small apartments are fused into a comfortable family home.  Surrounded by terraces, the 3,000 sf duplex includes four bedrooms, formal and casual living areas, and a large eat-in kitchen.  The design of the apartment enhances and celebrates its connection to the outdoors, and to the stunning views of Central Park and the Upper West Side that surround it.  The light-filled home is rendered in a simple, clean, contemporary style, with minimal color and abundant use of natural materials.


The apartment design included the usual level of focus and detail that we bring to our work: integration of audio-visual systems, coordination with decorators and engineers, and close cooperation with building management to gain permission to significantly modify the space were all essential to the final condition of this lovely, spacious home.

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West Side Penthouse kitchen

West Side Penthouse