Building Studio Ranked in Top Ten Manhattan Architecture Firms by The Real Deal

We were a little bit surprised, but very gratified, to see that in the March 1, 2019 issue of
The Real Deal, Building Studio Architects is listed as the fourth-largest firm by work footprint in the city!

The inclusion certainly occurred because of our work with large multi-family residential properties. Our work focuses on individual projects of a more modest scale within the developments, or to selected blocs of units. So using Building Department and other public statistics, our impact may seem to be larger than deserved when compared to new construction.

That said, we feel that our work’s impact for our clients is in fact outsized! We are very proud of our service to residential management companies and are grateful to our longstanding clients and ownership including Beam Living, ASB and L3, Hidrock Realty, Thor Equities, Black Rock, and other companies who come to us for quality design, thoughtful service, consistent quality, and attention to detail.  The projects are complex, often requiring fast, thoughtful responses to vexing challenges.

Here are some of the projects we have done recently that have earned us this place on such an august list:






For over three years we have been working with Stuy Town, upgrading units, improving common spaces, and providing new amenities for residents.

Soho Apartment Building






A new condominium building in Soho on a tight site for a development team new to the Manhattan condo market.

250 W 19th St






Improvements to public spaces and apartment interiors for this large 1980’s building in Chelsea for Caiola Investments.

The Washington Building






Repurposing an office/loft/beer hall building into new rental apartments, our latest project for New Haven’s Hurley Group.

So even if it is the result of inflated numbers, we are thrilled to have been listed in The Real Deal’s 2019 tally of Manhattans top architecture firms.

Building Studio Ranked in Top Ten Manhattan Architecture Firms by The Real Deal