Safra Synagogue Breaks Ground

059V_NYC_VIZ-AA_08-smallThe Edmond J Safra Synagogue, a new building at 2085 Ocean Parkway in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, has broken ground.  After over four years of planning and design changes, site dewatering and preparation is now underway, with foundations to follow soon.

The new three-story limestone and bronze building will serve Brooklyn’s Syrian Jewish community, providing elegant places for community worship, study, and celebration.


059V_NYC_VIZ-CC_07-for-webThe exterior was inspired by New York’s civic classical and Art Deco buildings, with restrained traditional detailing on symmetrical facades that emphasize a vertical expression.   Interiors, designed by noted London-based hospitality firm GA Design, carry this spirit into the room finishes and details.

The building expresses its program in its two distinct volumes: a rectangular three-level block facing Ocean Parkway across a landscaped plaza houses the entry lobby, a library, chapels and study halls;  a composite ovoid two-story volume to the east reflects the uniquely shaped sanctuary.


059V_NYC_VIZ-BB_04-smallThe Safra Synagogue project would not have come this far without the congregation’s remarkable building committee, led by Morris Dweck, with the aesthetic guidance of Ike Dweck.  Over nearly five years, we have worked together as the project has morphed from a modest single-lot neighborhood “shul” to a site twice as large and a building that will serve Brooklyn’s entire Syrian-Jewish community.

In getting here, we worked through three different designs, two BSA variance applications, and three project management firms. The technical team including Silman structural engineers and Glickman Engineering mechanical engineers worked hard to keep their work supportive of the architecture of the building.

Safra Synagogue Breaks Ground